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Best 12 Volt RV Water Pumps For Your Camper Or Motorhome Jun 8,2022
If you want a quiet running self-priming travel trailer and RV water pump, check out the Whaleflo 33 Series Diaphragm Pumps.
It has large rubber mounts on the base that help reduce vibration when the pump is running, thereby reducing its overall sound output.

The pump is self-priming, so it can handle RV pipes that need to rise up to six feet.

It is also designed to run dry without damaging the motor or components. The pump can deliver three gallons per minute, which is more than enough for most moderate RV applications.

However, I do like that the pressure level of this pump is highly adjustable. It can be set between 17 and 60 PSI depending on your personal preference.

It's also capable of handling liquid temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to work with most standard RV water heaters.

To match the existing water pump in your RV, check out the dimensions of the WHALEFLO Diaphragm Pump: 8.5"L x 5.12"H x 5.63"W.

The unit weighs a total of 4.63 pounds and comes complete with two half-inch barbed hose adapters, a 50 mesh inlet filter, and a complete set of installation and operating instructions.

things we like

Rubber Bracket: Helps reduce vibration during pump operation.
Self-priming: The pump is self-priming up to 6 vertical feet.
Dry running protection: prevents the pump from damaging the motor when running without water.
Adjustable Pressure Switch: Can be set from 17 to 60 PSI.

things we don't like

Low Flow: The pump delivers up to 3 gallons per minute, which is on the low end compared to other similarly priced models.
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